Rediscovering earth wisdom.

Reawakening earth magic.

Remembering the earth priestess.

Rediscovering earth wisdom.

Reawakening earth magic.

Remembering the earth priestess.

Earth Spirit Healing was birthed from a profound remembrance of the sacred relationship once shared between women and the earth, our Great Mother. A calling back to the role of earth custodian, of earth guardian, of earth priestess.

Over years this remembrance has pushed through the veil that separates the world of the seen and unseen to evolve into intentioned practice between two women, the Great Mother and Seanmháthair Gealach or Grandmother Moon.

Through ritual and ceremony these two women have gathered and honoured both mother and crone, working with the energies of the earth and the magic of the moon for their own healing and that of the Great Mother and all her sentient beings. 

For a chasm has been created between women of the world and the sacred feminine through womenfolk’s loss of earth wisdom, earth magic and earth servitude. Through their loss of sovereignty and power. And through their loss of connection – from their hearts to the heart of the earth.

But now these two women are healing that rift. They are inviting women from across South Africa to reconnect to the divine feminine through their own remembrance of the olde ways and of healing, ritual and ceremony.

These women are mother and daughter team, Bronwyn and Carol Mulrooney, embodying the mother and crone energies of the triple goddess.

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Bronwyn Mulrooney

When she was young, Bronwyn lived in a different world. One filled with magic and wonder. Not crafted from an imagination fuelled by TV shows or movies, but rather through a profound connection to the earth.

She lived in self-made treehouses, spoke to birds, attempted to heal dead mice that had fallen prey to the family cat, and would watch, spellbound, as the full moon rose above the forested garden just beyond the kitchen door each month. 

She fell in love with sunrises and sunsets, and would climb out of her bedroom window just as dawn was breaking to run barefoot through the wet fields. Twilight held its own magic, when she would carefully tip toe ‘round faerie rings in the forest, for she inherently knew what would happen if she dared enter them.

This was a knowing she was born with. A deep-rooted – yet unnamed – understanding of this magical connection between innocent child and the Earth Mother.

After a 20-year stint in the ‘real world’, cut off from the earth she loved so much, Bronwyn finally returned to it. This time as a mother of 3 boys and the custodian of her own slice of countryside, which clings precariously to the side of a mountain in a river valley in the Garden Route.

Here she has reignited her love for the earth through a rediscovery of the magic, mystery and absolute wonder held within the soils beneath her feet, the mountains that surround her, the sea just beyond the valley, and Grandmother Moon. 

She works with the genius loci in her vicinity, and has had the privilege of experiencing the presence and power of the elements and their resident elementals. 

Her fascination with the moon, and the relationship between women, the moon and the earth, has led her to complete the Hay House accredited Yasmin Boland course to become a certified moonologer (moon-focused astrology). 

She is also currently studying to become a women’s moon circle facilitator through the Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles programme, certified by the Slī An Chroī School of Shamanism in Dublin, Ireland.

Through this intensive, year-long study she is learning to facilitate women’s moon circles with exclusive Celtic rites of passage, blessings and Divine Feminine ceremonies. 

Bronwyn is also completing a course on working with Avalonian energies, including the Merlin and Avalonia fae.

In her other life, Bronwyn is a former SABC Radio and Talk Radio 702 producer, freelance journalist and editor, and author of two whimsical middle grade books.

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Carol Mulrooney

Carol Mulrooney

When Carol was little, her granddad introduced her to the magic of nature by taking her for walks in the veld. She loved picking wild flowers and arranging them in empty glass peanut butter jars at home.  

But it was her dad who instilled in her a love for gardening and growing vegetables. From the age of four, she helped him tend his veggie garden and water it with her little watering can.

Growing up she practically lived outdoors, going home only for meals and to sleep at night! She loved listening to the wind murmuring through the pine trees and the rain beating down on the roof. 

Dusk was a favourite time; she adored watching the sun set and feeling a deep sense of connection as day morphed into evening, at that magical in-between-time, which made way for the splendour of the moon. 

On those moonlight nights she would sit for hours at her bedroom window, staring at the moon and the silvery trees and plants in the garden.

Carol’s connection to plants led to her studying floristry and opening a country florist. Years later she felt compelled to study again, but this time in the area of metaphysics. 

She studied First, Second and Master Degree Reiki with International Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, Michèle Jacqueline Alix Stuart (1998-2000), and completed a Baccalaureate of Metaphysics at the Academy of Metaphysics under the tutelage of Dr Colleen-Joy Page (2001-2004).

She also completed courses in Bach Flower Remedies for animals and Aromatherapy for Animals with the Vital Institute (2005);  Animal Telepathic Communication with Penelope Smith (UK) (1999), Wynter Worsthorne (SA) and Amelia Kincade (USA);  Touch with Eugenie Chopin of TTouch SA; and a comprehensive course in Wicca with Fey Fand of the Celestine Circle of South Africa (2006). 

Carol practiced Hatha yoga in the 1980s, and started practicing Kundalini in 2004. She maintained a dedicated practice of Yang Style tai-chi for more than 30 years. 

In (1999) she opened Satori Place of Healing & Enlightenment, a unique healing centre catering to both humans and animals, first in Johannesburg, then in Magaliesburg and later in the Garden Route. 

Carol is an internationally published writer. Several of her articles on Reiki and animal healing have been published in the Reiki News Magazine for the International Centre for Reiki Training, USA, and in the centre’s recent book, Reiki for Animals. She has also featured in many South African magazines, national newspapers and on Talk Radio 702/567 Cape Talk.

When not assisting clients with healing, you’ll find Carol among the herbs, veggies and flowers in her beautiful garden, communicating with the plants, trees and insects there. She is deeply connected to Earth energy, and believes our Earth Mother is the ultimate healer.