Winter Full Moon Box


Winter Full Moon
Moon Magick Ritual
Tune into the mysterious and deeply transformative energy of the dark season, winter, as well as the illuminating energy of the full moon with this ritual box.
The full moon signals completion, climax and a time to release what no longer serves you.
One Moon Magick Ritual Box lasts the full 3 months of winter, and contains handcrafted products, Book of Shadows/journal pages, sacred writing prompts, a ritual and a meditation to support these processes.

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The Winter Full Moon products inside this Moon Magick Ritual Box have been carefully conceptualised and crafted to support your full moon journey throughout winter.

All the plants used in this box have been chosen for their silvery foliage that reflect the frost, ice and snow of the season, or for their connection to folk traditions surrounding winter and winter solstice or Yule as well as the full winter moons.

The botanicals used have been ethically wildcrafted from our property or the immediate area, or sustainably sourced. All the glass jars can be reused afterwards in your own apothecary.

One box will last you 3 months and contains:

  • 1 x Lunar Blooms Lavender and Sage Cleanser
    A botanical infusion of moon water, silvery lavender, sage and juniper for cleansing your aura, altar and magickal tools during the winter full moon.
  • 3 x Moonbathing Botanicals Chamomile and Eucalyptus Moon Milk
    A soothing silver oat, chamomile and eucalyptus bath milk for the winter full moon. One bottle for each full moon bath.
  • 1 x Rosemary and Myrrh Lunar Leaves
    A magical loose leaf incense blend of rosemary, myrrh, bay, cedar and citrus to gently scent your sacred space and Moon Magick Ritual under the winter full moon.
  • A winter full moon altar card to evoke the energies of this season’s full moons.
  • A set of Book of Shadows/grimoire or journal pages to guide you through the 3 winter full moons, complete with evocative writing to align yourself with the earth energy of winter; the 3 full moon dates and times; journal prompts for each full moon; and a powerful full moon water ritual.
  • 1 x full moon audio meditation (sent to your inbox)



  • Moonbathing Botanicals: Chamomile and Eucalyptus Moon Milk
    Rolled oats, chamomile buds, wildcrafted eucalyptus leaves, coarse desert salt, eucalyptus oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, coco glucoside.
  • Lunar Blooms: Lavender and Sage Cleanser
    Clear quartz and citrine moon water (made from pure spring water under the Leo full moon), alcohol, lavender oil, sage oil, juniper oil, amyris oil, hand harvested lavender.
  • Sacred Scent: Rosemary and Myrrh Lunar Leaves
    Dried rosemary, bay and wildcrafted cypress leaves, myrrh, hand dried lemon and orange rind.



The products in this Moon Magick Ritual Box are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Research all essential oils and herbs before using these products if pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions, allergies or any other sensitivities. Seek professional medical advice if necessary before using these products.

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