Spring Full Moon Ritual Box


Tune into the regenerative energy of Spring, and the illuminating, healing energy of the Full Moon with this Spring Full Moon Moon Magick Ritual Box.

The Full Moon is a time for releasing what no longer serves you, for surrender and for healing. You can shed past hurts, old relationships, current fears and doubts, or anything not aligned with your present path when you tune into the energies of the Full Moon. This Spring Full Moon Moon Magick Ritual Box will support you on your healing journey as you do just that!

One box lasts the full 3 months of Spring, and contains handcrafted botanical products, a fire ritual and an audio meditation for the Full Moons of August, September and October.

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The Spring Full Moon products inside this Moon Magick Ritual Box have been carefully conceptualised and handcrafted to support your Full Moon journey throughout Spring.

All the plants used in this box have been chosen for their light, bright green foliage that mirrors the ‘green’ of the new season as well as the soft white light of the Full Moon.

The botanicals used have been ethically wildcrafted from our property or the immediate area, or sustainably sourced. All the glass jars can be reused afterwards in your own apothecary.

One box will last you 3 months and contains:

Cleanse your aura and your magickal tools, altar and sacred space with this ritual smoke bundle. Organic mountain  sage (Buddleja salvifolia) leaves and flowers, camphor (Tarchonanthus camphoratus) leaves and white lavender blooms have been collected with intent from our land, and woven together to make this cleansing smoke bouquet.

Evoke the heady scents of a Spring night during your ritual with this botanical crystal ritual candle. It’s a magickal fusion of intoxicating night blooming jasmine and alluring neroli essential oils, mandarin and lavender oils, clear quartz, obsidian, jasmine flowers and soy wax.

Round off your Full Moon ritual with a cleansing ritual bath. Desert and Epsom salts have been blended with rose and spearmint essential oils as well as hand-harvested white roses and spearmint from our land, for moonbathing under the Full Moon. The salts have large botanical particles and can be used with a bath bag. One bottle for each Spring Full Moon ritual.

  • A Spring Full Moon altar card to place on your altar, and evoke the energies of the new season’s Full Moons
  • set of grimoire or journal pages detailing the dates and times of the Spring Full Moons, and evocative writing that captures the sprit of Spring
  • set of ritual journal prompts to guide you through the 3 Spring Full Moons, supporting your inner journey of surrender, healing and personal transformation
  • powerful fire-based Full Moon ritual to help you release what no longer serves you
  • 1 x Spring Full Moon audio guided meditation (sent to your inbox)



The products in this Moon Magick Ritual Box are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Research all essential oils and herbs before using these products if pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions, allergies or any other sensitivities. Seek professional medical advice if necessary before using these products.