Triple Goddess Lavender and White Rose Smoke Bundle Gift Set

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A beautifully wrapped auric and space clearing gift set of three handcrafted organic lavender and white rose smoke bundles, inspired by the energy of the lunar Triple Goddess, for cleansing under the Full Moon.

This gift set is perfect for energy workers, Earth magick workers, healers, moon sisters, and anyone wanting to cleanse their energetic field and space using the power of lunar botanicals.

Lavender is renowned for its cleansing properties, and has long been associated with dispelling negativity from spaces, purification and protection. Rose offers powerful magick, and is associated with protection and healing.

Each bundle is made with love and intent; Reiki charged before leaving our studio; and bound with 100% Egyptian cotton for a clean burn.

All our products are 100% natural, additive free, vegan and Earth friendly. All the botanicals are grown by us, and personally hand-harvested by us, with intent and gratitude.

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A beautifully wrapped gift set of 3 hand-harvested and handcrafted organic lavender and white rose smoke bundles to cleanse your auric and physical bodies, altar, sacred space or magickal tools under the Full Moon.

The bundles have been inspired by The Triple Goddess concept of maiden, mother, crone, which is reflected in the graduating colours and types of roses in the bundles, from mini white roses tinged with pink, to soft pink-white, to crisp white.

Lavender has a long history of being used in purification ceremonies, for cleansing, and for deepening and enhancing spiritual connections. It’s renowned for inducing feelings of calm, peacefulness and relaxation, making it ideal to burn before doing journey work.

Rose has multiple associations, ranging from its connection to the Goddess and Great Mother, to opening up the heart centre, raising the love frequency, and offering potent healing and protection.

The smoke bundles in this Full Moon gift set include:

1 x South African lavender and Banksia White Rose

1 x South African lavender and Princess Charlene de Monaco Rose

1 x South African lavender and White Iceberg Rose



Light the end of the smoke bundle. Once it starts to smoke, blow out any flames and gently cleanse your auric field, or any space where you want to raise the frequency and vibration of the energy, using small circular motions. Extinguish the bundle when you are done in a pot of sand or soil. Make sure the bundle is properly extinguished before storing it for future use.



The products in this Moon Magick Ritual Box are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Research all essential oils and herbs before using these products if pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions, allergies or any other sensitivities. Seek professional medical advice if necessary before using these products.