Shimmer Moon Mug and Spoon


A generous, handmade cauldron-shaped gold-edged moon mug and moon spoon.

Perfect for Full Moon, New Moon or Dark Moon teas and botanical blends, as well as ceremonial hot drinks.

Our Shimmer Moon Mugs and Spoons are designed and crafted exclusively for EarthSpirit Healing by a female ceramicist in Wilderness.

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Our roomy 350ml Shimmer Moon Mug in midnight blue features a relief crescent moon in white and gold lustre and comes with a white and gold moon spoon.

This set is perfect for tea rituals, or for botanical blends that form part of your Full Moon or New Moon rituals, or sabbat celebrations. You can also use it for sacred cacao in ceremony, or other ceremonial hot drinks.

Of course it’s perfect for everyday use too, to add a touch of magick to your day!

Designed and handcrafted exclusively for EarthSpirit Healing by a female artist in Wilderness.