Elemental Altar Box


Elemental Altar Box
Moon Magick Ritual

Focus your intent when working with the energies of the Earth and Moon with an intentioned altar.

There are different ways to create an altar aligned with your areas of interest, but a good foundation is an altar that features all 5 of the elements: air, earth, water, fire and spirit.

Our Elemental Altar Box comes with everything you need to set up your first altar and begin working with our Moon Magick Rituals and your own rituals.

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All the products inside our Elemental Altar Box have been carefully conceptualised and crafted based on our own personal altars to support your new and full moon journeys, as well as your own personal rituals.

The botanicals and natural elements used have been ethically wildcrafted from our property and the immediate area. All the glass jars can be reused afterwards in your own apothecary.

Each box contains:

  • 4 x glass vials representing the elements (salt for earth, ash from a Virgo full moon fire for fire, hand harvested sea sand for water, wildcrafted dandelion tufts for air)
  • 4 x coloured tea light candle holders (green for earth, red for fire, blue for water, grey for air)
  • 4 x tea light candles
  • A glass chime candle holder
  • 3 x dressed botanical chime candles
  • A 30cm Grecian taper candle
  • A Celtic-inspired hand-dyed, hand-painted altar cloth (100% pure cotton calico)



The products in this Moon Magick Ritual Box are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Research all essential oils and herbs before using these products if pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions, allergies or any other sensitivities. Seek professional medical advice if necessary before using these products.

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