Auric & Space Clearing Gift Set New Moon Trio


A beautifully wrapped large gift set of dark bath salts imbued with essential oils and hand-harvested botanicals; rosemary and pine Moon Mist made with botanicals, oils and moon water; and a handcrafted smoke bundle of organic lavender and deep pink rose, all to cleanse your auric and physical bodies under the New Moon.

Salt, lavender, rosemary and pine all have potent cleansing properties, while rose is known for her feminine, Goddess and lunar associations.

Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange Ritual Salts 250ml

An enchanting botanical blend of black salt, rose geranium and sweet orange for moonbathing under the New Moon.


Coarse desert salt, Epsom salt, activated charcoal, coco glucoside, rose geranium essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, hand-harvested organic rose geranium leaves.


Pour 1 x 250ml bottle of salts directly into your bath under the running tap. Or empty the contents of the bottle into a bath bag, and tie the bag under the tap or float it in the bath water. Reuse your apothecary bottles in the kitchen or bathroom afterwards.

Ask us about our handmade 100% cotton bath bags to add to your order!

Rosemary and Pine Moon Mist 200ml

A botanical infusion of moon water, rosemary, pine, citrus and cedar for cleansing your aura, altar and magickal tools under the New Moon.


Clear quartz and citrine moon water (made from pure spring water under the Leo full moon); alcohol; rosemary, pine, lemon and Virginia cedar essential oils; and hand-harvested rosemary.


Mist your body, in your auric field (avoid eyes and mouth) and over your chakras before your New Moon ritual. Or spray into the air above your head, and stand in the falling mist, when you have been out in public and want a quick smokeless cleanse. Spray in the rooms in your home that need energetic cleansing where there is blocked or stagnant energy, or spray your altar and magickal tools before use.

Lavender and Deep Pink Rose Smoke Bundle

Margaret Roberts Lavender and climbing deep pink roses, harvested from our land and bound with 100% pure Egyptian cotton.


Light the end of the smoke bundle. Once it starts to smoke, blow out any flames and gently cleanse your auric field, or any space where you want to raise the frequency and vibration of the energy, using small circular motions. Extinguish the bundle when you are done in a pot of sand or soil. Make sure the bundle is properly extinguished before storing it for future use.


The products in this Moon Magick Ritual Box are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Research all essential oils and herbs before using these products if pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions, allergies or any other sensitivities. Seek professional medical advice if necessary before using these products.

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A beautifully wrapped large gift set of handcrafted dark Moonbathing Botanical salts, Rosemary and Pine Moon Mist, and an organic Lavender and Deep Pink Rose Smoke Bundle.

This floral-inspired auric and space clearing gift set is perfect for energy workers, Earth magick workers, healers, moon sisters, and anyone wanting to cleanse their energetic field and space using the power of lunar botanicals, under the New Moon.

The salts are packaged in a reusable 250ml apothecary bottle with a cork and the moon mist, in a reusable 200ml glass bottle with atomiser. Each bottle is made with love and intent, and cleansed before leaving our studio. The smoke bundle is bound with 100% Egyptian cotton for a clean burn.

All our products are 100% natural, additive free, vegan and Earth friendly. All the botanicals are grown by us, and personally hand-harvested by us, with intent and gratitude.

This gift set has been specifically crafted with New Moon cleansing in mind.