All-seasons Magick Ritual Box subscription


This subscription guarantees you the 8 Moon Magick Ritual Boxes of all 4 upcoming seasons. That is 4 complete new moon boxes and 4 complete full moon boxes.

This covers ALL the moons over the next 12 months, at a discounted price (plus some freebies for being a subscriber!)

It includes a total of:

  • 24 x Moonbathing Botanicals bath products (except for the autumn single season subscription, which contains 2 large bath products for the season)
  • 8 x Sacred Scent products
  • 8 x aura cleaning products/items
  • 8 x sets of pages for your Book of Shadows, grimoire or journal
  • 8 x seasonal altar cards
  • 8 x guided seasonal audio meditations
  • 8 x step-by-step moon rituals
  • 8 x sets of seasonal journal prompts


*Please note all these products change per season in line with the element we are working with during that season (water, air, earth or fire) and the botanicals, rites and rituals associated with each season.


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An all-season box subscription guarantees that you will receive, on time, the Moon Magick Ritual Boxes for the new moons AND for the full moons for all 4 upcoming seasons.

Each new moon box and each full moon box lasts the full 3 months of that season and contains:

  • 3 x Moonbathing Botanicals bath products (one bottle for each new or full moon bath)
  • 1 x Sacred Scent product to bring the scent of the season into your space
  • 1 x aura cleansing product or item to cleanse yourself and your sacred space
  • 1 x altar card to evoke the energies of that season and its moons
  • 1 x set of Book of Shadows, grimoire or journal pages to guide you through the 3 moons of each season, complete with evocative writing to align yourself with the earth energy of the season; the 3 new/full moon dates and times; journal prompts for each new/full moon; and a powerful new/full moon ritual.
  • 1 x new/full moon audio meditation (sent to your inbox)

This subscription includes everything you need to work with all the moons over the next 12 months.

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