Moon Magick Info

We answer all your questions about our Moon Magick Ritual Boxes here

Absolutely! The rituals are based on our own experiences working with the earth and the moon over the years, and are suitable for every person looking to deepen their connection with the Great Mother and Grandmother Moon, no matter their level of experience in working with these energies. The rituals are simple and easy to use.

Yes, all the practices are entirely safe. They are not based on any specific path or craft, but are general practices designed to bring women closer to understanding their own inherent power and that of the Earth Mother. There is nothing dark or sinister about them. All our ritual boxes are designed and created with love, from the heart, and smoke cleansed, blessed with Reiki, and wrapped love and white light before being shipped.

  1. A significant cost saving:
    • If you subscribe to 1 season, you save R50.00 per box (total 2 boxes)
    • If you subscribe to 2 seasons, you save R100.00 per box (total 4 boxes)
    • If you subscribe to all 4 seasons, you save R150 per box (total 8 boxes)
  2. You’re guaranteed to secure the specified products (as the products are wildcrafted and handmade, they’re made in limited batches)
  3. You’re guaranteed to receive your box in time for the new and full moons
  4. You get exclusive access to freebies

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A pre-order secures that particular month’s box for you. By pre-ordering you’re guaranteed to secure the specified products and to receive your box on time for either the new or full moon. Pre-ordered boxes are costed at full price. Only subscriber boxes are discounted.

Subscription boxes are normally curated and shipped monthly. Our Moon Magick Ritual Boxes are seasonal, so they cover 3 months. A full moon box contains everything you need for the 3 full moons of that particular season. And a new moon box, everything you need for the 3 new moons of that season. The cost of 3 separate monthly subscription boxes is often more than the cost of 1 of our boxes, as there are additional handling and shipping charges. The products in our boxes are proudly made by hand by us, or by local artists. There are no cheap plastic, mass produced or imported products in our boxes. Each box also comes with several reusable cork-topped glass bottles to build your own apothecary.

No they’re not. These rituals have been born out of Bronwyn and Carol’s own experience in working with the Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon and the realms of the seen and unseen in their immediate location over the years. Both women have interests in Celtic traditions, and draw on these for further inspiration. The boxes are non-denominational, and ideal for any person wanting to nurture a closer relationship with the Sacred Feminine.

Each Moon Magick Ritual Box is created by hand, with many of the botanical ingredients being wildcrafted and hand harvested. This takes time.
To ensure all our wonderful wild women receive their ritual boxes on time, we have adopted the international subscription box model, where boxes are only created and shipped at specific times.

This is how it works:

  • If you want a single box, you pre-order it (buy it).
  • If you want two or more boxes, you subscribe.
  • Pre-order boxes and subscription boxes are packed and shipped at a specific time to ensure they arrive on time, before the first new or full moon of the season.
  • Pre-order boxes are costed at full price (unless they’re on special).
  • Subscription boxes are discounted.

If you miss the first shipping deadline, you can still order a Moon Magick Ritual Box. However, there is no guarantee you will receive it before the first new or full moon of the season, as this depends on when in the month you order and the delivery option you have selected (see the order and shipping schedule below).
A Moon Magick Ritual Box lasts 3 months, so if you miss the first moon of the season, you can still use the products and do the rituals for the 2 new or full moons remaining in that season.