earthspirit healing

Tap into the magic of the Moon and the power of the Earth in ancient ritual.

Rediscover Earth wisdom and plant magick.

And reclaim your wild, magickal self.

Tap into the magic of the Moon and the power of the Earth in ancient ritual.

Rediscover Earth wisdom and plant magick.

And reclaim your wild, magickal self.

Welcome, sister, to a place where the wild women gather.

A place where we work with the cycles of the Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon to realign ourselves with the Sacred Feminine.

A place where plants hold magick, animals speak and we honour every sentient being on this great planet of ours.

Here we see ourselves as Earth Priestesses. We are in servitude to the Great Mother, and tend the Earth around us by conducting Earth healing using Reiki, by following personal paths that respect every living creature, where kindness is our currency, and love guides all our actions.

There’s a groundswell of feminine energy right now, as women the world over return to their roots, following the path of their ancestors to be keepers of the Earth.

Conscious, curious, collective.

Together we have great power and can heal the Earth.

Will heal the Earth.

Will restore balance.

Will bring love back to the fertile soils that first birthed us.

Our role as Earth guardians is ancient, rooted in our distant pasts as priestesses of the land.

Where we honour our Mother.

Feel her breath in the wind.

Hear her song in the stream.

And feel her embrace in the ground beneath our feet.

We lovingly tend her Earth, healing the wounds of the past.

Forging a new path for the future.

Universal life force energy allows us to reclaim our positions as guardians of the Earth.  To heal the damage caused from generations of abuse, and send love and light to even the darkest corners of the planet.

It empowers us to do something to save this Earth, to be proactive, to be present, to be purposeful in our intent. 

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that maximises the power of universal life force energy.

Subtle enough to work on the most sensitive areas of our bodies that need healing, but powerful enough to restore balance to the Earth.

This forms the foundation of our Earth Priestess training. 

Have you heard the call? Can you no longer deny your connection to this Earth, and want to do something proactive while deepening your spiritual connection and spiritual practice?

Then come, let us teach you the ways of the Earth guardians, of the Earth keepers, of the Earth Priestess.

Let us help you awaken your connection to the realm of the seen and the unseen, and to your ancestors as you walk this journey of remembrance.

Let us help you rediscover plant magick, animal magick, fae magick and all the wisdom of the Earth on your sacred path.

We have extensive training programmes starting in February 2022 for those wanting to reawaken, rediscover and remember.

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We also have a range of tools in our Magick Shop right here on this site that have been specially conceptualised and created for Earth healers, energy workers, and women who want to draw closer to Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth, from our heart to yours.

You can also contact us on for details of distant Reiki healing, or private solo women’s retreats at our studio at the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains. Reiki healing, meditation, Qi Gong, labyrinth and wilderness walks, and professional psychotherapy are all available on site for custom retreats.

You are a wild woman.

A daughter of the Moon and a child of the Earth. 

Reclaim it.

Welcome sister, you are home.

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Safe practices for any level

Ethical products

Sustainably wildcrafted and locally sourced


Vegan, reusable, recyclable and handmade

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We’re delighted to announce that our first EarthSpirit Healing retreat is launching soon. It combines Reiki and therapy with Earth-centred spiritualism, for the solo seeker.  Sign up to our newsletter to receive course updates.

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